Our lifestyle directly impacts our vitality. Long hours of sitting, lack of proper sleep, work stress, personal life stress… the list is endless. Yoga is the key to enhance your physical, mental and emotional vitality.
Today’s Asana will improve your spinal health and tone your thigh muscles. 

Parsva Dhanurasana / Side Bow Pose 

How to do Parsva Dhanurasana / Side Bow Pose?

1. Begin in Anantasana / Vishnu’s Couch Pose on your right side.

2. Bring your right hand next to the right hip and place your head on the floor.

3. Bend your knees and grip your ankles with your hands. 

4. Inhale and pull your feet towards your head while arching your back.

5. Stretch your body as much as you can.

6. Stay in this pose for 3 to 6 long breaths.

To come out of the pose, release your feet and rest in Savasana / Corpse pose.

Repeat the sequence on your other side for the same length of time.

Benefits of Parsva Dhanurasana / Side Bow Pose 

Stretches and strengthens the spine.

Stretches the neck, shoulders, chest and abdomen.

Stimulates the abdominal organs. 

Stretches the arms, legs and hips.

Who should avoid Parsva Dhanurasana / Side Bow Pose?

Anyone suffering from severe back, shoulder or neck injuries

Anyone with hernia, high or low blood pressure.

*Avoid during pregnancy

*Avoid after any surgery

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I wish all the readers a very happy & healthy life!